Be Natural,Be Good to everyone, and always SMILE. :)

Prech  =^-^= Meow

Hi there, I'm Prech!!^_^

Welcome to my page, 

Just a simple introduction about myself only,

A simple person from a simple,lovable,happy family.

I Love God the most, next.. my family i really love them so much. 

I am a frank person what i hate the most are these people:




_and lastly FLIRTS AND BITCHES!!!

You can judge me but it's better to know me in person first before u judge me.. some people think im snobbish but the truth is im just shy they think im not a good person because they dont get a chance to  come along with me but my friends do know me very well that im not that kind. and i'll tell you one thing i'm not perfect. 

love to listen gospel song when im sad +and have lots to thank God for his blessings and if i have problems listening to these kind of song can ease my pain.

 ILOVE taking picture of myself and with family groupi friends picture..

 ILOVE Music, Gospel songs, Love songs, Alternative, RnB, (english,korea,japanese,taiwanese songs)  

 ILOVE watching english,korean,japanese,taiwanese,some asian movies/series/anime.

          (horror,mystery,adventure,fantasy comedy drama love stories.)

 ILOVE to play guitar/piano but i need mo+re practice.

 ILOVE to stay online surfing the net,etc

 ILOVE to do self study of other languages and writngs and learn about their cultures.. and lots of things that looks interesting. 

 ILOVE my sport Taekwondo.Sikaran.

 ILOVE my family relatives and friends so MUCH ...


 That's all for now...

 Thank's for viewing my site..



Anyeong Prech...^_^



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